Exciting Feedback from Lawline CLE Courses

I am excited to share with you the positive feedback I received from teaching several CLE courses for Lawline in May 2014! I encourage you to visit the course discussion forum. This is a great place to see further comments, legal discussions and questions inspired by the Lawline program.

Critical Mortgage Regulatory Updates by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for 2013 and 2014

Great follow up to the speaker’s earlier Dodd-Frank presentation.
Jennifer, New Rochelle, NY

Very informative
Andrea M.A., Chestnut Ridge, NY

Extremely informative on relevant and current material

Was excellent because it was so current and relevant today.

Thank you for the written materials.
Marliss, Lake Forest, IL

Very interesting lecturer, better than most

This was an excellent course. It had a lot of useful information about foreclosures which will be useful for clients

straight forward, clear, unbiased
Harry, New York, NY

Course Discussion Forum

Key Mortgage & Real Estate Related Provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

Complex subject matter handled fairly well
Ronald, Edgartown, MA

Very informative and the speaker really sounded enthusiastic about the topic so the program moved right along.
Paul, Mobile, AL

Good presentation
Donald, Bradenton, FL

Course Discussion Forum

Mortgage Loan Officer Compensation and Anti-Steering Under Regulation Z

This was very well prepared by the speaker; very useful indeed.
Joel, Huntington Station, NY

Speaker was well prepared and delivered a fluent presentation.
Kevin, Hawthorn Woods, IL

Excellent course. Thank you.
Michael, South Plainfield, NJ

Course Discussion Forum


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