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Have Loans, But, Won’t Travel!

The good news for the mortgage industry is that rates continue to be ridiculously low.  This has translated into a refinance boomlet (which is significantly less than a boom) for mortgage originators.   Loan pipelines that were drier than the lawns of the unsold houses in America this summer, suddenly have swelled up with new deals. Unfortunately, like a snake that eats an elephant, these loans are stuck in the middle of the vast underwriting bureaucracy of our great lending institutions.   So, until they eeck their way out the other end to the closing departments, the cash-flow positions of many of the origination shops is still tenuous. ...

Rates Holding For Now

30 year fixed-4.875% (up to $417,000)/5.25% (from $417,000-$729,000) 15 year fixed-4.375% (up to $417,000)/4.625% (from $417,000-$1,000,000) 5/1 ARM-3.875% (up to $500,000)/4.0%(from $500,000-$850,000)/4.125%(from $850,000-$1,500,000) 7/1 ARM-4.375% (up to $500,000)/4.625% (from $500,000-$1,500,000) 10/1 ARM-5.0% (up to $1,500,000)