Tips for Backyard Landscaping

We are now in the heart of the spring and for many of us that means spending more time outside in our backyards. Therefore, for this email, I have turned to Mark Borst, the owner of Borst Landscape and Design the best landscaping company in Northern New Jersey (, (201) 258-7358). Mark will give us some ideas on how to turn your backyard into a stunning outdoor area with stylish features and an inviting atmosphere. I have listed the first two ideas in this email and provided a link at the bottom to Mark’s website for the full article containing the rest of his ideas.

Borst Landscape and Design best

Whether it’s a play area for the kids and pets or a backdrop for entertaining family and friends, a beautifully designed backyard landscape will enhance your home and property.

Landscape and Garden Design

Lush, green landscaping instantly creates a comfortable, natural setting for outdoor activities. Whether it’s a play area for the kids and pets or a backdrop for entertaining family and friends, a beautifully designed backyard landscape will enhance your home and property. New trees, shrubs and plants will add depth and scale to your small yard. They can provide extra privacy around your yard’s perimeter or create colorful borders around patio areas. Using a variety of foliage and flowers will create interesting texture and color in your yard and provide visual focal points for gathering areas.

Choose a corner of the yard and create a beautiful garden with fruit trees or colorful azaleas and dogwood trees that blossom each spring. The height of trees in the corners of your yard will help define your property boundaries while drawing your eye back into the center of the yard. Underneath the trees, you can plant smaller foliage and flowers that bloom at different times throughout the year, so you’ll have beautiful blooms in your backyard and garden year-round. A corner garden area is also the perfect place to add small backyard landscaping ideas like an in-ground pond with goldfish and water lilies, a fountain with trickling water or a cozy garden bench for your guest to relax.

Patio and Entertainment Areas

If you plan to entertain in your backyard, you need a comfortable patio area that will expand your indoor space for dining and friendly gatherings. A patio allows you to add cozy seating areas, a dining table and chairs and an outdoor grill or kitchen. You can build a beautiful patio from pavers in natural stones like granite, marble and limestone or concrete, brick and tile. These hard outdoor surfaces provide a patio that’s strong, durable and virtually maintenance-free for easy cleaning. You’ll find beautiful materials in a multitude of sizes, styles and colors, so it’s easy to select one that complements your home and landscape.

Dividing your patio into different areas gives you more flexibility for small backyard landscaping ideas and entertaining. Locate your grill, dining table and chairs close to the house for privacy and a more intimate dining atmosphere. Adding a trellis or cover over this part of your patio will provide added protection from sun, rain and wind for dining.

Move your seating area to a different part of the patio to give your guests a relaxing place to sit and talk before and after dinner. Whether you select lounge seating, individual chairs and tables or cozy benches, make sure you provide comfortable seating and places to rest food and drinks. Select outdoor furniture styles and upholstery fabrics and colors that complement the architectural materials and features of your house.

For the rest of Mark Borst’s tips, please read the full article on their webiste which includes color photos at

Thanks, Mark for some great ideas.  I can’t wait to use some of these to improve my own backyard!  Once I do, I will be kicking back with a cold one and some grilled food! I hope all of you will as well!

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